Practice Areas

At Lewis James Professional we are experts at business. We understand what is on our clients’ minds each business day. We speak your language – from accounting to human resources to project management and everything in between. We start by understanding our client’s business needs, corporate culture and what it takes to be successful within the organization. We take this information and put our expertise to work. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and specialized business acumen to provide value immediately.

If you are looking for a trusted advisor and strategic partner with the business expertise in the practice areas listed to the left, Lewis James Professional is poised to assist.

Banking and Financial Services

Simply put we are experts in banking and financial services.  With our vast network and critical market knowledge we are able to secure top talent in the industry. By carefully vetting each candidate, we can provide our clients with talented professionals who can lead and manage change, support your business infrastructure, and assist in meeting the day-to-day demands of the business.


As Marketing evolves at a rapid pace, sourcing this specialized pool of talent continues to be a challenge. We are here to help. Our team of tenured recruiting professionals, who know marketing by trade and training, can attract the attention of top talent unlike anyone else. 

Project Management

Project Managers are the front line of your organization. They are people managers and communicators who keep all stakeholders informed and engaged. Their ability to do their jobs effectively translates directly into operational excellence. Whether you need a project team of IT, enterprise or functional initiatives, Lewis James Professional is poised to assist. As a boutique woman-owned professional recruitment firm, we are nimble enough to provide tailored solutions for each client. 

Accounting and Finance

We provide our clients specialized accounting & finance professionals to augment current staff and assist with project initiatives as well as search and placement services. Our team possesses expertise and exposure to many disciplines within accounting & finance as well as the expertise needed to navigate risk to compete in today’s business environment.

Human Resources

We understand the Human Resource industry. Our involvement in HR organizations, both locally and nationally, along with our industry experience allows us to provide our client’s with talented HR professionals. We also understand that the culture of the workplace is becoming increasingly important in today’s world and work to make sure that we provide the most qualified candidates who fit seamlessly into your company culture. 

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